Photovoltaic structure – how is made !

Production is made on continuous rolling machines and integrated punching for holes.

The available machines are:

  • for C and U profile production (thickness 1-3mm)
  • for profile production G (thickness 1-3mm)
  • for production of special U profiles for panel supports
  • for production of Z profiles (thickness 1-3mm)
  • for sigma profile production (thickness 1-3mm)

Monthly production capacity: 2000 tons
Production system 8 hours / day but it is possible to work in 2 shifts.

Various available materials such as Magnelis, pre-galvanized steel, galvanized steel in zinc bath, Alu-zink, stainless steel …
The most used steel is pre-galvanized steel S 300-S350 with zinc 275 gr / m2.

Loading available with crane and forklift to trucks.

Video of the production plant and machines in working process Protection Status