Rufy Roof Engineering SRL , photovoltaic solar system integrator, with offices in Bucharest, specialized in designing, manufacturing and assembling professional photovoltaic structures, is one of the largest suppliers of structure systems used for installation of photovoltaic panels produced in Romania for the local market and export.

Since 2010, we have specialised in providing solutions for installing solar photovoltaic systems.

We develop and produce solid mounting systems, easy to assemble on all types of roof; and ground including customised solutions. With the help of our extensive knowledge and experience, we have carried out large-scale projects in the international mega-watt range.

Our basics and principles:

  1. Projects and design developed for durability, efficiency and rapid assembly, completely prefabricated, without the need for machining on site;
  2. Anti-corrosive materials, galvanized steel, Magnelis steel, Alu-Zinc steel, anodized aluminum, and stainless steel;
  3. Systems designed to international standards Eurocodes EN 1990, EN 1993 … , certified and statically tested;
  4. up to 20 years warranty, 30-40 years structural strength;
  5. The experienced support team, over 350 MWp designed, 30 MWp turnkey and 90 MWp delivered to partners;
  6. Positive management of relationships with clients and collaborators, quality assurance of services, delivery of change “more for less”, innovation and A.I. use.

Construction systems , ground-mounted structures, viable and most commonly used:

  • 1 pole with 2 panels mounted vertically, portrait (in section);
  • 1 poles with 4 panels mounted horizontally, landscape (in section);
  • 2 poles with 2 panels mounted vertically, portrait (in section);
  • 2 poles with 3 panels mounted vertically, portrait (in section);
  • 2 poles with 4 panels mounted horizontally, landscape (in section);
  • 2 poles with 5 panels mounted horizontally, landscape (in section);
  • 2 poles with 6 panels mounted horizontally, landscape (in section).

The assembly of the photovoltaic panels on the structure is realized with professional clips of aluminum brand K2 Systems. These are necessary and cannot be replaced with metal or other fixed assembly models, being designed for a long life and operation of photovoltaic panels.

K2 Systems clips allow for expansion and shrinkage of photovoltaic panels that in 95% proportion have aluminum frames that expands to heat 1 mm / meter.  If the panels are fixed by other methods, they do not allow the expansion and thus the joints of the photovoltaic panels are forced, which translates into cracks at the sealing elements, the panels starting to self-destruct from day one. Thus, the cracks formed will allow the infiltration of water, which, especially, in winter, freezes and increases the cracks more and more, the end being the short circuiting of photovoltaic panels and the blocking of the strings / inverters. Modules with 30 years life time, with improper assembly, can be destroyed within 3-5 years, only due to the wrongly mounted structure and poor quality aluminum clips..

Photovoltaic structures within a Photovoltaic Power Plant represent only a percentage of 7-10%. This percentage is very low, considering the extremely high importance of the structure. The supporting structures of the photovoltaic panels have one of the most important roles within a Photovoltaic Power Plant. They must withstand the weather, acid rain, plants, salt mist, chemical soil, snow, wind and earthquake for a minimum of 20-30 years. The economy or the lowest costs offered by some of the competition will not be sought in the photovoltaic structures, as they can dramatically reduce the operating period of the photovoltaic system.

A small price reduction by reducing resistance to snow, cheap materials, old model structures or untested structures can bring you damages and losses, in a very short time, hundreds of times greater than the reduction received.

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