About us

Company concept

Established in 2010, S.C. RUFY ROOF ENGINEERING S.R.L. began its activity as a supplier of light metal structures. Over time we collaborate with the big manufacturers of building materials that recommend us to their customers, because we have proven professionalism and maximum seriousness in respecting the procedures and instructions for assembling the installed products. Our suppliers include: Arcelor Mittal (metallic structures), Goldprofil Bacau (metallic structures), Color Metal (aluminum profiles), K2 Systems Germany (aluminum metallic structures and clamps), Riverclack, Sea Romania (clamping systems), Ejot ( clamping systems), etc.
The company specializes in the design and installation of metal structures for halls, including ventilated roofs and facades, professional greenhouses, design and installation of metallic structure to support photovoltaic panels fixed to the ground or on roofs, photovoltaic parking.
In the execution of the construction works by our company, modern materials and technologies are used which correspond to the legal requirements and the quality standards imposed in the execution of the industrial and civil constructions.
The main objective of our company is to satisfy the most demanding customer requirements without reducing the quality and safety of the services offered.
The concept of Business is based on the use of the latest technologies existing in the market in the field in which we operate, put into operation under perfect conditions and at very competitive prices.

Company presentation – REALIZATIONS


Among the clients who have benefited from our products and services are entrepreneurs from Romania, such as ArcelorMittal, Inov Electric, Inoveco Energy, Aedificia Carpati, Strabag, etc. On the international market, we work in Germany with Alcon Handels, Enfo AG, Hans Solar, KW / PEAK GMBH.
Since 2016, in Germany, we have a partners, so our products and services are the choice of entrepreneurs and investors in renewable energy produced using solar panels from Germany.
Our services for designing, analyzing and calculating the resistance metal structure fixing photovoltaic panels are executed by the structural engineer, member of the Niedersachsen Chamber of Engineers in Hannover.
Reference works of the company: Industrial Hall – Orastie, Hunedoara (2011) Covered by Agro Pantelimon Market, Bucharest (2011) Professional greenhouses: Domnesti (2012), Professional greenhouses Bucharest (2014),
Professional greenhouses Timisoara (2014) Metallic structure supporting photovoltaic panels – Roofing Hale – Arplama, Fagarasi (2013) Metallic structure supporting photovoltaic panels – Roofing – Snagov (2013)
Metallic structure supporting photovoltaic panels on the ground – Jurilovka Gura Portitei, Tulcea county (2013),
Photovoltaic Park Ghighiu, jud. Prehova (2013),
Photovoltaic Park Urlati, Prahova County (2013),
Vanatori Photovoltaic Park, Galati County (2013),
Photovoltaic Park Oltina, Constanta County (2014),
Photovoltaic park Horezu, Valcea (2015) Metallic structure photovoltaic parking – Meridian Vest Showroom Dacia-renault Bucharest (2014)
Photovoltaic roof – Brasov (2015)

Metal structure supporting photovoltaic panels on the ground (11 MW) – ALCON GMBH, Furstenwalde Germany (2016),
ENFO AG, Germany (2016) Photovoltaic roof, Fundata, Brasov (2016),
Photovoltaic roof Ploiesti, Prahova (2016) Professional evening Bucharest (2016),
Professional evening Fundulea (2016), Professional evening Branesti, Ilfov (2016)
Production hall Peleti, Kogalniceanu, Constanta (2016)
Photovoltaic roof Agigea, Constanta (2016) Professional thermal insulation, Carpathian Building, Volunteers, Bucharest (2017),
Professional greenhouse Austria (2017), Metal structure supporting photovoltaic panels on the ground (2 MW) – Hans Solar, Eisleben, Germany (2017),

ACHIEVEMENTS present and Future

Currently, our company executes the installation of a bunker greenhouse, covered with cellular polycarbonate in Otopeni, Ilfov, and in Kogalniceanu, Constanta delivers the metallic structure and aluminum clips for fixing photovoltaic panels to the ground, for the contractor Inoveco Energy.

In the future, our attention is focused on the external market, Germany respectively in Hungary, where the segment of investors in renewable energy produced by photovoltaic panels is encouraged to develop rapidly, thus providing loans subsidised to companies to finance the construction of small photovoltaic power plants with a capacity up to 0.5 MW, which can be built on an area of ​​one hectare, through the public development bank MFB. In addition, the Hungarian state will buy all the electricity produced by the new photovoltaic parks.
Starting with November 2017, we are projecting and we are in close collaboration with investors from Germany who have also directed their interests to Hungary.

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