Installation and assembly services


In case you do not have the mounting equipment available, we can make the assembly of the structure, the fence and possibly the mechanical mounting of the photovoltaic panels. With subcontractors we can make the full D.C. and A.C. installation.

Photovoltaic structure, for ground application, we mount it by ramming with Gayk, Pauselli ot Turchi pneumatic equipment.

Through the assembly made with our own teams and our approved subcontractors, you benefit from a correct installation of the photovoltaic structure, in a straight plane of the tables and at the projected angle. Thus the photovoltaic panels can be assembled correctly without deviations and the correct tightening of the aluminum clips. The tightening of the high strength screws class 8.8 is performed correctly according to the torque required for each one, according to diameter.

The installation can be done on the structures on the ground (fixed in the ground – laid on the ground), on sloping roofs, on flat roofs type terraces, facades, carport, garages, areas of water (standing water lakes).

The photovoltaic structures benefit from a long-term and very long-term guarantee if they are correctly installed by our teams. To date, we have installed with our own teams over 20 MWp photovoltaic structures.

In the case of larger photovoltaic parks we have collaborators for assembly. They have the experience of mounting parks of over 30 MWp for Europe and outside Europe.

Ramming poles 1 MWp Horezu

Ramming 2 MWp Constanta

Ramming 4 MWp Urlati

Ramming fences in PV parc of 4 MWp Urlati